How Can I Use My Squeezebox To Hear WEBY?

If you are using a Logitech Squeezebox Radio device, the instructions are in their Features Guide on page 10, quoted below:  You may have to install the SHOUTcast application on your device.

Internet Radio - Finding and Playing Internet Radio Stations

With Squeezebox Radio you can browse, search, and select a full range of Internet radio stations.

Squeezebox Radio includes powerful tools for browsing and searching by Staff Picks, Local stations, Talk radio, Sports

and more.

From the home menu, select Internet Radio.

You can also browse and search radio stations at

1. At your computer, go to > App Gallery.

2. Select the Radio Networks category.

If you want to listen to your favorite AM/FM/DAB station, find out if it broadcasts over the Internet.

1. From the home menu, go to Internet Radio > Search.

2. Enter the radio station call letters or search by keyword.

Or, if you don't find your favorite Internet radio station and you know its web address:

1. At your computer, go to > Favorites.

2. Enter the URL of your radio station in the text entry field. (